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By Baton Rouge Yoga Company

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This app is used to choose where you want to put your conscious awareness throughout your day. It acts as a coach to gently guide you to more focus and awareness in present moment which enhances every area of life. Use it to expand your mental space and access your life energy and spiritual nature- something everyone has. This app is designed to decrease unhelpful thought patterns and behaviors and increase and reinforce the skillful responses to improve every day life fulfillment with work, family, and every other area of life.

Choose a personal awareness reminder by typing it in or try one from the list provided.





Thoughts have power.

This app increases your awareness in the areas you choose.

Where you put your awareness is what creates your life experience.

Call Elena Keegan 225-405-8300 to schedule a one hour laser coaching session over the phone to help you clarify where you want to focus your time, energy and awareness.

Elena Keegan, Integrative Life Coach Professional